Slumber Party

Copywriter: Anna Crane

Photography: Parker Sealy

Puberty can be a difficult topic for parents to bring up and young girls to ask about. By creating an app and game that presents information in a fun and approachable way, girls can create their own conversations and strengthen their friendships as they grow up together.


social networking app

The Slumber Party mobile app provides a safe social network for girls to strengthen their relationships with themselves and each other. Charms can be collected by keeping up with daily habit trackers and challenges or given as gifts to friends. "Ask Allie!" provides a low-pressure and private way for the girls to seek advice about growing up.


board game

In this companion board game, girls travel around the board packing their bags for a slumber party. Items are earned by answering trivia questions that will help them learn about the physical, mental, and social changes puberty will bring. The first girl to the center of the board wins, but all the girls playing gain valuable knowledge while having fun.